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Imagine walking into a lively market with stands offering their cannabis specialties left and right. Colors catch your eye, smells lure you in. You see a stage with a gorgeous wood-carved sun in the background. Several farmers are showcasing their products in vibrant displays. A budtender is on hand to answer your questions, but if you want to browse on your own, for as long as you want, you are very welcome. You set your sights on a tincture that you’d heard about, and now you want to know more. This is Herb & Market Humboldt, the newest dispensary in Arcata.


At Herb & Market Humboldt, we source the most expressive terroir-focused cannabis, the finest tinctures, the purest hash, the tastiest edibles, the most potent concentrates, and of course the best cured locally-grown flower. Our buyers, manufacturers, and farmers are always working to ensure we’re sharing nothing but the best with our customers. We source from the remote farms of sun-drenched Southern Humboldt to the coastal hills of Honeydew and the shops of passionate extractors so that you’re sure you know where our cannabis comes from and how it was produced.


“My goal is for customers to have as much engagement as they want. They are empowered to know and understand the medicine that is cannabis. This is a space of wellness, safety and pride of our community. Customers come here to learn and enjoy,” says owner Chrystal Ortiz.

She would know. Born in what she describes as a hippy commune in Mendocino, Chrystal’s life is deeply connected to cannabis culture. Her farm, High Water Farm, is famed for its dry farming techniques and she is a leading advocate of sun-grown cultivation. “I’ve always believed in a local, sustainable and organic cannabis economy,” she explains. Before running her own farm, she was the Operations Manager at True Humboldt, a premium sun grown cannabis brand supported by the Humboldt Sun Growers Guild.


Chrystal believes in the importance of the farmer and the consumer having direct access to each other. Herb and Market Humboldt was built to provide a venue where that connection can occur within the California regulatory framework. Farmers Markets, in store demos, arts and culture, and educational opportunities are core components of the Herb & Market experience. This retail builds upon Chrystal’s foundation of advocacy and support for small, regenerative farmers in the Emerald Triangle, California and the world.

Herb & Market Humboldt is a dynamic cannabis emporium with offerings that cater to your senses. Explore our events or order online.

About Herb & Market Humboldt

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The mission of Herb & Market Humboldt is to inspire and nurture a healthy community by building a local, sustainable and organic cannabis economy in a vibrant experiential marketplace.


Herb & Market Humboldt 427 H Street Arcata, CA 95521
Phone: 707.630.4221


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