We love dabs!

Pure essence

Taking a full plant and using a process or solvent to extract the purest essence gives high quality.

Pesticide tested

Tested for potency and levels of THC and CBD, residual pesticides and unwanted contaminants.

Healing value

Quality, clean concentrates provide instant relief.

Feeling good

Be enveloped in warmth, energy, and simple well-being.

Concentrates come in many forms

Ways to consume!

Whether you’re looking to cannabis for medical benefits or for mood elevation, concentrates give you an immediate effect. Learn about the different types and dive into the dabbing experience.


Live resin

Live resin utilizes only fresh frozen material in the extraction. Ask about the terpenes and choose a flavor that speaks to you.


Similar to hash oil, but made without any solvents, rosin preserves many of the terpenes. Ideal for the cannabis resin fan!

Bubble hash

The resin is collected from the cannabis plant. Hash appeals to new dabber as much as to the connoisseur.


RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) or FECO (full extract cannabis oil) concentrates are made from ethanol or grain alcohol with not just the buds, but the leaves, stalks and roots. For medicinal relief, RSO/FECO concentrates are simply unmatched.
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