Be respectful of your neighbors. Not all people feel the same way about cannabis. California allows 12 plants for personal use, but individual counties & municipalities have their own regulations. Talk to your neighbors, maintain space–don’t plant right by the fence. If it’s a rental, look for above-ground growing with garden boxes or bags.

Support sungrown. Most homegrowers want to grow naturally. Be good stewards of the earth. Be mindful that if you are supplementing with light, it’s a form of light pollution.

Strains. If growing for sleep and pain relief, generally choose an Indica dominant strain. Indica plants also tend to have shorter plant stature, and they finish earlier. But if you’re growing for mood elevation, then consider Sativa dominant strains. Not that they need longer in the ground, and they tend to grow much taller.

Soil nutrients. Best is to have native soil. But that ideal can’t always be achieved. Next best is to be cognizant of the soil you’re using. Go to your local farm store and buy local organic soil, make sure it’s chemical-free. You want to mimic the native soil, consider a mix of 1:1 local soil and coconut coir which holds water better. Over winter, add compost and cover to solarize. Then add fresh soil right before planting.

Enjoy every phase of homegrowing. You can do a juice shot by using the leaves of the growing plant. In that stage, the THC is not activated yet, so it’s a health shot without psychoactive effects. You may also choose to put leaves as part of a juice blend.

The two biggest mistakes of homegrowers:

-Loving it to death! Too much fussing, too much watering. Quit reading, and pay attention to your plant. Let it grow.

-Overambitious. With cannabis growing just as with everything else, there’s a learning curve. Start small!

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