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Tinctures and topicals

If you’re looking to add cannabis into your wellness routine, it can be hard to know where to start. We invite you to learn about tinctures, body butters, balms and bath salts. Here is our pick of health and wellness products that we use ourselves, made by women that we know in Northern California.

Whole plant medicine

From a wellness standpoint, using the whole plant allows the components of the plant to work synergistically to enhance the therapeutic effect.


Applied directly to the body, topicals can help relieve pain and inflammatory conditions.


Placed directly beneath the tongue, or mixed with food or teas, tinctures are designed for quick absorption.


Cannabis hydrotherapy is exponentially effective, gently melting away tension and restoring balance.

Pain relief without the high

Sweet Releaf COMFORT Body Butter

Sweet Releaf was founded by a mother-daughter team in 2015 to help a loved one who needed effective localized pain relief without getting high. “We are a small, women-owned, legacy brand and we make a line of full-spectrum medicinal topicals focused on reducing pain and inflammation. We believe in plant medicine,” explains co-founder Susanna Frohman. “We knew we needed to go high THC for the pain relief, but our family member did not want any psychoactivity.” Their high-THC topicals also include CBD as well as other cannabinoids in a  synergistic dynamic that is known as the Entourage Effect.

Their Comfort body butter is made with sun-grown cannabis and is cultivated sustainably on small California farms (including
original roots with TrueHeartConnection Farm in Willow Creek). It has a whipped-cream-like consistency but is non-psychoactive because the cannabinoids are absorbed into the many layers of the dermis as they sink into the skin. Also, Sweet Releaf is not made with a transdermal carrier oil, which can affect psychoactivity. Sweet Releaf is crafted to deeply soothe through a whipped formulation of aloe vera, organic coconut oil, shea and cocoa butter, and essential oils for pain. Everyone’s metabolism is different but a few general tips for best use are to cover the area well, wait 8-10 minutes to feel the impact, and reapply again later as needed for pain.

Sweet Releaf was awarded Best Cannabis Health & Wellness Product 2018 by Emerald Magazine.

Restful sleep

Humboldt Apothecary DEEP SLEEP tincture

“It’s about cannabis health and wellness,” says Gillian Levy, co-founder of Humboldt Apothecary which makes a line of tinctures. Tinctures, or liquid herbal extracts, are fast-growing in popularity. They are placed directly beneath the tongue, or mixed with food or teas, and they’re designed for quick absorption.

“We combine cannabis with other herbs to support resilience in the body.” Humboldt Apothecary is based in Humboldt County and Gillian has the amazing benefit of immediate connection with local farmers. They often go to see the farms and the practices before the plants are harvested. “We want to connect with the live plant on the ground,” explains Gillian. Customers report that their formulations are particularly helpful to mitigate chronic conditions. In choosing the cannabis for their formulations, Humboldt Apothecary likes to focus on the terpene profile. If you are looking for restful sleep, try Deep Sleep. Start with 1/3 dropper full and notice the effects over several days. Gradually adjust dosage as needed.

Relief from inflammatory autoimmune conditions

Cosmic View SKIN SALVATION balm

Christine Skibola and her daughter Nicole launched Cosmic View in 2017 to provide relief for inflammatory conditions. As a Professor of Epidemiology and an Endowed Chair of Oncology, Christine had studied the genetic and environmental factors that contribute to health. She grew increasingly interested in plant medicine. “The mechanisms behind cannabis affect our biology,” she explains. Their products are made using estate organic cold-pressed olive oil infused with sungrown cannabis and other herbs. Cosmic View sources cannabis only from organic small farms in Humboldt and Trinity counties. “We want to tell all the farmers that we are passionate, we want to see farmers thrive. Hang in there!” says Christine.

Their Skin Salvation is a doctor-formulated CBD and THC topical blend that contains medicinal plant infusions to soothe and speed the healing time of skin damage from psoriasis, eczema and other autoimmune skin conditions. Gently apply as needed.

“We want to give people the tools they need to have some control over their life. ”

Restore balance


“We seek the natural restorative power of plant medicine,” says Maya Elisabeth, founder of Om Edibles: “We are 100% passion driven.” Developing plant medicine since 2008, Om Edibles got the first manufacturing permit in California with the passing of Prop 64 in 2016. Their products have racked multiple awards from High Times, Best of the Bay, Choice, and the Emerald Cup. They source sungrown organic cannabis from farmers who love and enjoy cannabis themselves.

Beyond their chocolates, gummies and tinctures, Om Edibles also makes a line of Bath Salts for self-care, manufactured in house, by hand, like all their products. The antioxidant properties of cannabis can help protect women from environmental toxins and aging. In a bath soak, the naked body is constantly absorbing through the colon, making bath salts exponentially effective. The bath salts are also helpful for insomnia, pain, dermatological issues, and menstrual cramps.

For Maya, “It’s about respecting the herbs. Cannabis loves to entourage with more than just itself. The supporting ingredients are really important. They can help shape experiences.”

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