Meet Chrystal from High Water Farm and Herb & Market

One of the finalists of the Regenerative Cannabis Farm Award at The Emerald Cup 2018. Video by Claire Weissbluth a.k.a. La Osa

Tips on homegrowing – by Deborah

Strains. If growing for sleep and pain relief, generally choose an Indica dominant strain. Indica plants also tend to have shorter plant stature, and they finish earlier. But if you’re growing for mood elevation, then consider Sativa dominant strains. Not that they need longer in the ground, and they tend to grow much taller. Enjoy […]

SWR – Women In Ganja Featuring Chrystal Ortiz

Nikki Z Presents Sex Weed & Reggae – Women In Ganja with Chrystal Ortiz

I love homegrowing – by Claire Weissbluth

I love homegrowing because it’s fun, rewarding, and empowering. I think it’s great that Californians are now able to grow 6 plants for personal use and I’m lucky to live in a county where outdoor cultivation is allowed. I’ve grown personal plants in my backyard for the last five years in the ground alongside vegetables, herbs and flowers… by Claire Weissbluth

Meet Tina from Moon Made Farms

Tina is the owner of Moon Made Farms, a cultivation site that spans 40 acres and that is also a collective, and center of agricultural innovation.

Meet and Greet Hollie Hall

Implementing a Cannabis Appellations of Origin Baseline Study for Humboldt County. Phase 1 of the study will identify potentially unique cannabis farming geographic regions within Humboldt County and quantify climate, soil and water qualities within those locations.

Herb & Market Humboldt

The mission of Herb & Market Humboldt is to inspire and nurture a healthy community by building a local, sustainable and organic cannabis economy in a vibrant experiential marketplace.


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