Sweet Releaf COMFORT body butter

Sweet Releaf was founded by a mother-daughter team in 2015 to help a loved one who needed effective localized pain relief without getting high. “We are a small, women-owned, legacy brand and we make a line of full-spectrum medicinal topicals focused on reducing pain and inflammation. We believe in plant medicine,” explains co-founder Susanna Frohman. “We knew we needed to go high THC for the pain relief, but our family member did not want any psychoactivity.” Their high-THC topicals also include CBD as well as other cannabinoids in a  synergistic dynamic that is known as the Entourage Effect.

Their Comfort body butter is made with sun-grown cannabis and is cultivated sustainably on small California farms (including original roots with TrueHeartConnection Farm in Willow Creek). It has a whipped-cream-like consistency but is non-psychoactive because the cannabinoids are absorbed into the many layers of the dermis as they sink into the skin. Also, Sweet Releaf is not made with a transdermal carrier oil, which can affect psychoactivity. Sweet Releaf is crafted to deeply soothe through a whipped formulation of aloe vera, organic coconut oil, shea and cocoa butter, and essential oils for pain. Everyone’s metabolism is different but a few general tips for best use are to cover the area well, wait 8-10 minutes to feel the impact, and reapply again later as needed for pain.

Sweet Releaf was awarded Best Cannabis Health & Wellness Product 2018 by Emerald Magazine.

Photo credit Kristina Bakrevski

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